I5 Elite Sports


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently declared a state of emergency in Maryland due to a crisis of drug use, particularly heroine.

According to the national institute of Drug Abuse, depression is one of the causes of adolescent drug use. 

According to the National Council on Youth Sports:
Youth athletes have:
• Higher levels of self-esteem and social connectedness;
• Lower levels of depression;
• Lower levels of suicidal ideation, thoughts, and attempts; 
• Lower levels of problem behaviors (aggression problems, social problems, and delinquency problems). 

What we do:
i5 ELITE is dedicated to building adolescents into superior athletes, and to develop a desire in young people for excellence in education while instilling valuable life skills.
We have a coaching staff made up of former athletes who have excelled in various sports at the college level with an extensive background in speed development, endurance training, core training, technique, and sportsmanship. They come together to provide the environment and systems that enhance your child(s) athletic ability, teaches your children life skills, builds character and integrity as well as fosters mentoring and peer accountability.
Our coaches are excited to partner with parents to meet the individual goals of the athletes while promoting academic excellence.

Our goal: 
That every athlete receive scholarships into higher education and through the vehicle of sport provide the building blocks to a successful, happy and productive life.

In a nutshell: 
Mentorship.Tutoring.Emotional Support.Athlete Skill Building