i5 Children's Center kenya


According to Capital News, In Kenya the number of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya are over 2.8 million. 

That is almost half the population of the state of Maryland 

Over 47% of those children are orphaned due to aids alone and many more due to other vulnerabilities. 

Once orphaned they are also at risk of being targeted by traffickers. 

Children who may find themselves orphaned in Kenya are in need of a place to call home and family. No one should grow up without a family or a safe place to call home. 


Provide a home through i5 Children’s Center for orphaned children to receive care as well as education and opportunity to have a successful future.   

What we do 

Right outside of Nairobi, Kenya we at i5 Church care for 13 children through our children’s center. We literally bring the 5 to them each and every day. 

These children have the opportunity through the support of our church to receive care, food, clothing and opportunity to get a good education and even go on to University. 


Kenya is our first home that we hope to use as a model long term to have children’s center on every continent in the world.  

In a nutshell 

Our vision for global missions at i5 Serve is to house and care for orphans through the vehicle of the 5.