Mobile Food Pantry


Food insecurity is the most broadly used measure of food deprivation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines the existence of food insecurity as “when consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.” According to Feeding America, almost 10 percent (50,580) of Anne Arundel County’s residents were food insecure in 2013, with more than 40 percent of these being children. Hungry children suffer from two to four times as many individual health problems as children who are adequately nourished. Health issues include unwanted weight loss, fatigue, headaches, irritability, inability to concentrate and frequent colds. (According to the Poverty Amidst Report Fifth edition 2015)


The i5 Mobile Food Pantry exists to help wipe food insecurity in our region. This pantry holds non-perishable food for adequately nourished diet. Our mobility gives us to capability to reach people who are unable to easily access food because of lack of transportation. 

What we do

Weekly, our volunteer mobile food pantry team travels through Anne Arundel County to give groceries in high food deprived areas. From elderly on a fixed income, to homeless, to families in need because of an unexpected circumstance, we meet them where they are to provide nourishment. 

Our Goal

We want to play a part in wiping out food insecurity issues in Anne Arundel County. Our vision is to have a fleet of mobile food pantry trucks going out all over our region in highly food deprived area to provide access to nourishment.

In a nutshell

Feed the hungry. Provide Support to thrive. Love people to health

Homeless Mobile Service Unit


In Anne Arundel County the homeless often suffer from the lack of ability to access even the most basic needs.  Unlike urban centers, suburban areas do not have the resources or the transportation needed for those who find themselves on the street in a homeless situation. 

Anne Arundel County has of a half a million residents, with limited resources for the homeless. 


I5 Serve Homeless Mobile Service Unit is a fully mobile service trailer that enables homeless and those in need to take showers, have access to clothing and ready to go meals. In addition to meeting the basic needs through partnership with county we will have crisis response workers as well as a fleet of volunteers ready to connect someone with their next step if they desire to get off the streets. 

We were able to purchase this unit with the help of grant funding from Anne Arundel County Local Development Council. 

What we do:  

Each month mobile service unit goes out to multiple locations where they homeless live and administer the services. 

Our trailer is fully portable and can literally pull up anywhere without needing access to power. 

We are also able to use this trailer as disaster relief service unit as needed. 


Our goal is provide dignity by meeting basic needs to those who find themselves in a homeless situation. Also to help lower the number of homeless in our community that are living on the streets by providing a bridge to services through this outreach. 

In a nutshell

Meet the homeless where they are at to provide basic needs.Build a bridge of opportunity for the homeless to get off the streets


adopt a block


The Brooklyn/ Brooklyn Park community is located about 10 minutes from i5 City. This area of our city has great need and the families call this community their home lack the access to resources needed to help overcome obstacles they face.

The neighborhood we focus on is the neighborhood surrounding Faring Baybrook Park.

Specifically the Brooklyn Homes Public Housing Apartments. This lower income community is full of amazing people who need people to come alongside and link arms with them to overcome obstacles that they may face.


1. Build relationships individuals through street outreach within the Brooklyn/Brooklyn Park community  to do three things

1. Meet individual Needs

2. Find out what gaps in services there are to determine future programs at i5 Serve

3. To link individuals with our community partners who may have a resource to meet their needs that they would not have otherwise known about without the relationships of our street outreach teams.

2. We also have joined a network of churches, government organizations and NGO's called the Community of hope with the idea that together we can make a difference in this community for the amazing people who live in it.


What we do  


Every Saturday we meet at Brooklyn Homes Community Center to go door to door connecting with individuals to do the above mentioned three things.


Brooklyn Homes Community Center

4140 10th Street

Brooklyn, MD 21225

Outreach time:



We attend local meetings, think tanks and working groups with the Community of Hope to work together to figure out how to make Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn a more desirable place to live.

In a nutshell

We have a adopted and are committed to serve a lower income community within our city that lacks the local resources necessary to assist families and individuals fulfill their full potential. As well as partnering with other organization to make this happen.