i5 Serve outreach facility

Currently we are working on opening our first i5 Serve Outreach facility. We are in need of aquiring an outreach facility that can house a large distribution center for all of our outreaches as well as office space for activities and i5 Serve future staff.


Homeless youth housing

According to the most recent Poverty Admist Plenty Report for Anne Arundel County their are currently no services for homeless youth. Through i5 Serve we seek to fill the gap in this area. We realize that without housing it is very difficult for homeless youth to receive the stability they need to work toward independence.

Many homeless youth have left home due to bad situations, have aged out of foster care or simply do not have family support as they transition to adulthood. Other obstacles such as addictions and mental health disorders can also effect a young person's ability to acquire a stable living situation as they transition into adulthood.

We are currently in the process of developing a housing program to meet this need in the county. 

If you are interested to find out more about this project email charity@i5church.com


New Home for i5 Children's Center Kenya

Our current facility no longer meets the needs of the children we care for. With the children getting older and need more space and the desire to be able to house more children, we are currently working on acquiring a larger home to accomadate the future vision of the children's center as well as the current children.